, July 17, 2014

ScottDrexlerPhotography-701 ScottDrexlerPhotography-702 ScottDrexlerPhotography-703 ScottDrexlerPhotography-704 ScottDrexlerPhotography-705 ScottDrexlerPhotography-706 ScottDrexlerPhotography-707 ScottDrexlerPhotography-708 ScottDrexlerPhotography-709 ScottDrexlerPhotography-710 ScottDrexlerPhotography-711 ScottDrexlerPhotography-712 ScottDrexlerPhotography-713 ScottDrexlerPhotography-714 ScottDrexlerPhotography-715

Congratulations Carolyn and Zach!  Thank you for including me in your celebration.

Check out their slideshow on Vimeo.

A White Orchid Wedding at The Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center.

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, July 12, 2014

scott drexler-701 scott drexler-702 scott drexler-703 scott drexler-704 scott drexler-705 scott drexler-706 scott drexler-707 scott drexler-708 scott drexler-709 scott drexler-710 scott drexler-711 scott drexler-712 scott drexler-713 scott drexler-714 scott drexler-715 scott drexler-716 scott drexler-717 scott drexler-718 scott drexler-719 scott drexler-720


Thank you Grace and Lai for including me in your celebration!  xoxo

Check out the slideshow on Vimeo.

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, July 3, 2014

scott-drexler-photography-1101 scott-drexler-photography-1102 scott-drexler-photography-1103 scott-drexler-photography-1104 scott-drexler-photography-1105 scott-drexler-photography-1106 scott-drexler-photography-1107 scott-drexler-photography-1108 scott-drexler-photography-1109 scott-drexler-photography-1110 scott-drexler-photography-1111 scott-drexler-photography-1112 scott-drexler-photography-1113 scott-drexler-photography-1114 scott-drexler-photography-1115 scott-drexler-photography-1116 scott-drexler-photography-1117 scott-drexler-photography-1118 scott-drexler-photography-1119 scott-drexler-photography-1120

Congratulations Julie+Grant!  Thank you for including me in your celebration!

Check out the slideshow at Vimeo.

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, June 22, 2014

scott-drexler-601 scott-drexler-602 scott-drexler-603 scott-drexler-604 scott-drexler-605 scott-drexler-606 scott-drexler-607 scott-drexler-608 scott-drexler-609 scott-drexler-610 scott-drexler-611 scott-drexler-612 scott-drexler-613 scott-drexler-614 scott-drexler-615 scott-drexler-616 scott-drexler-617 scott-drexler-618 scott-drexler-619 scott-drexler-620 scott-drexler-621 scott-drexler-622 scott-drexler-623 scott-drexler-624

Congratulations Kate+John!  Thank you for including me in your celebration!

Check out the slideshow.

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, June 18, 2014

scott drexler-2001 scott drexler-2002 scott drexler-2003 scott drexler-2004 scott drexler-2005 scott drexler-2006 scott drexler-2007 scott drexler-2008 scott drexler-2009 scott drexler-2010 scott drexler-2011 scott drexler-2012 scott drexler-2013 scott drexler-2014 scott drexler-2015 scott drexler-2016 scott drexler-2017 scott drexler-2018 scott drexler-2019 scott drexler-2020

Congratulations Heather + Daniel!  Thank you for including me in your celebration.

Check out the fusion slideshow.

xoxo – Scott

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, May 31, 2014

601 602 603 604 605 606 607 608 609 610 611 612 613 614 615 616 617 618 619 620  622 623 624 625 626


Congratulations Erin+Johnny!  Thank you for including me in your celebration.

check out the fusion slideshow @

xoxo – Scott


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, May 30, 2014

5001 5002 5003 5004 5005 5006 5007 5008 5009 5010 5011 5012 5013 5014 5015 5016 5017

Hi-Five Nikki D + Kevin D!  Thank you for including me in your celebration!

Check out your slideshow @

xoxo  -  Scott D

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, May 9, 2014

ScottDrexlerPhotos-5001 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5002 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5003 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5004 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5005 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5006 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5007 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5008 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5009 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5010 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5011 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5012 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5013 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5014 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5015 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5016 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5017 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5018 ScottDrexlerPhotos-5019

Brandi and Tyler, thank you for including me in your celebration.  xoxo  Scott

Enjoy the Slideshow!

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, May 3, 2014

ScottDrexlerPhotos-101 ScottDrexlerPhotos-102 ScottDrexlerPhotos-103 ScottDrexlerPhotos-104 ScottDrexlerPhotos-105 ScottDrexlerPhotos-106 ScottDrexlerPhotos-107 ScottDrexlerPhotos-108 ScottDrexlerPhotos-109 ScottDrexlerPhotos-110 ScottDrexlerPhotos-111 ScottDrexlerPhotos-112 ScottDrexlerPhotos-113 ScottDrexlerPhotos-114 ScottDrexlerPhotos-115 ScottDrexlerPhotos-116 ScottDrexlerPhotos-117

Congratulations Nancy, Mike and Ashley!  Thanks for including me in your celebration.  xoxo  Scott

Enjoy the Slideshow!


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, April 26, 2014

scott-drexler-photography-1001 scott-drexler-photography-1002 scott-drexler-photography-1003 scott-drexler-photography-1004 scott-drexler-photography-1005 scott-drexler-photography-1006 scott-drexler-photography-1007 scott-drexler-photography-1008 scott-drexler-photography-1009 scott-drexler-photography-1010 scott-drexler-photography-1011 scott-drexler-photography-1012 scott-drexler-photography-1013 scott-drexler-photography-1014 scott-drexler-photography-1015 scott-drexler-photography-1016 scott-drexler-photography-1017 scott-drexler-photography-1018 scott-drexler-photography-1019 scott-drexler-photography-1020

Congratulations Lauren and James!

Check out the slideshow.

Thanks for including me in your celebration.  xoxo  Scott

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