, September 6, 2014

Scott Drexler Photography-901 Scott Drexler Photography-902  Scott Drexler Photography-904 Scott Drexler Photography-905 Scott Drexler Photography-906 Scott Drexler Photography-907 Scott Drexler Photography-908 Scott Drexler Photography-909 Scott Drexler Photography-910 Scott Drexler Photography-911 Scott Drexler Photography-912 Scott Drexler Photography-913 Scott Drexler Photography-914 Scott Drexler Photography-915

Congratulations Deanna and Kevin!!  Thanks for including me in your celebration.  xoxo

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, September 3, 2014

Scott Drexler Photography-1001 Scott Drexler Photography-1002 Scott Drexler Photography-1003 Scott Drexler Photography-1004 Scott Drexler Photography-1005 Scott Drexler Photography-1006 Scott Drexler Photography-1007 Scott Drexler Photography-1008 Scott Drexler Photography-1009 Scott Drexler Photography-1010 Scott Drexler Photography-1011 Scott Drexler Photography-1012 Scott Drexler Photography-1013 Scott Drexler Photography-1014 Scott Drexler Photography-1015 Scott Drexler Photography-1016 Scott Drexler Photography-1017 Scott Drexler Photography-1018 Scott Drexler Photography-1019 Scott Drexler Photography-1020 Scott Drexler Photography-1021

Congratulations Christine and Charles!  Thank you for including me in your celebration.  xoxo

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, August 18, 2014

drexlerphotography-801 drexlerphotography-802 drexlerphotography-803 drexlerphotography-804 drexlerphotography-805 drexlerphotography-806 drexlerphotography-807 drexlerphotography-808 drexlerphotography-809 drexlerphotography-810 drexlerphotography-811 drexlerphotography-812 drexlerphotography-813 drexlerphotography-814 drexlerphotography-815 drexlerphotography-816

Congratulations Kacee+Waes!  Thank you for including me in your celebration.  xoxo Scott

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, August 5, 2014

ScottDrexlerPhotography-401 ScottDrexlerPhotography-402 ScottDrexlerPhotography-403 ScottDrexlerPhotography-404 ScottDrexlerPhotography-405 ScottDrexlerPhotography-406 ScottDrexlerPhotography-407 ScottDrexlerPhotography-408 ScottDrexlerPhotography-409 ScottDrexlerPhotography-410 ScottDrexlerPhotography-411 ScottDrexlerPhotography-412 ScottDrexlerPhotography-413 ScottDrexlerPhotography-414 ScottDrexlerPhotography-415

Congratulations Erica and Shawn!!! Thank you for including me in your celebration. xoxo

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, July 26, 2014

DrexlerPhotography-3001 DrexlerPhotography-3002 DrexlerPhotography-3003 DrexlerPhotography-3004 DrexlerPhotography-3005 DrexlerPhotography-3006 DrexlerPhotography-3007 DrexlerPhotography-3008 DrexlerPhotography-3009 DrexlerPhotography-3010 DrexlerPhotography-3011 DrexlerPhotography-3012 DrexlerPhotography-3013 DrexlerPhotography-3014 DrexlerPhotography-3015 DrexlerPhotography-3016 DrexlerPhotography-3017 DrexlerPhotography-3018


Congratulations Jenn and Ian!  Thank you for including me on your special day.

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