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Outstanding. Incomparable. Vanity Fair worthy magazine spread photos! Personable, put everyone in our wedding on March 1, 2015 completely at ease yet perfectly directed and created the shots effortlessly. He has a genuine heart and passion for  capturing those life-changing moments that slip by blurry in the intensity of your wedding day, and years of experience for flawless execution.

I researched Maui wedding photographers til my eyes bled (ahh the wonders of the internet now) and there was nothing that came close, no sappy sentimentality here, only pure integrity and crystalline memories and playfulness and humor too!¬† My only regret is that we didn’t hire him for longer. He is a true gem.


Beautiful pics guys, you look very happy. Lovely to see.

Hi Donna

Glad you made an honest man out of Chris. The pictures are fabulous and the two of you look very happy. Enjoy. Marriage is good for the soul.


And he’s making an honest woman out of me! Now we each have someone to share the extraordinary journey together. Now I understand why people undertake this commitment, to create something greater than two souls on their own.

Beautiful pics. Setting looks perfect and so relaxed. Love the getaway car (I assume Chris had something to do with the selection :P) Congrats my Peeps! -JonB

Looks like a very happy couple……we wish you all the best.!!!!
Nice Stingray to drive away in.

Perfect Maui wedding, and when they didn’t have the Corvette in black, ahh well the yellow turned out to be outrageously fun. Got recognized all over Maui! Thanks for your well wishes!